Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Driver Landy Takes Dueling Dance Partners in Stride
Tuesday, May 23, 2017

For Sebastian Landy, who is earning his business degree while balancing a professional sports car driving career, consistency is key.

Landy is currently in eighth place in points after the first three events of the 2017 season in IMSA's Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge USA by Yokohama series. (Waiting for COTA results to be posted) The 22-year-old driver says his goals are to get consistent appearances on the podium, along with consistent point finishes.

The young driver is racing in the brand-new 2017 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup model in the Platinum Cup class. Prior to that, he competed in the Gold Cup class in 2016 in a Porsche that's two generations older than the one he races in now.

"It feels like a very different car and the engineering improvements and the overall balance and power and how everything functions is so much smoother and more refined," Landy said.

"It's night and day in terms of how far they've come, but at the same time, it is much more difficult to drive. Our team is trying to figure out what really works best, but it's been a fabulous experience to drive this."

Landy races for Alex Job Racing - a team well-known for racing Porsches for more than 25 years, amassing 70 wins and multiple team and driver championships.

"Alex Job Racing has been in sports car racing for nearly 30 years," Landy said. "It's a nice synergy because we are racing Porsches in IMSA and they are doing a part-time GTD program. Together, we are still trying things out that are new to both of us. They haven't done the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge in a few years but they've been great to work with, and very professional. 

"When I was a kid, I saw the Alex Job team - they're a prestigious American racing team and now I'm driving for this team! I never thought I would get a chance to drive with this team. It's been an experience I am so thankful for.

"My dad was always interested in racing. He had been a fan of it for a long time and he never got a chance to race so when my brother and I were kids, my dad took us to the local indoor go kart track."

Landy said there wasn't much as far as competitive racing in Virginia, so he took a little break until he was 15, then went on to do a Skip Barber Racing School. After that, he placed third in the championship in another racing series.

"It really kind of snowballed," Landy said. "You start, and you don't really know how it'll end up and then you blink and you're in a GT3 Cup car."

Landy is currently going into his senior year of college at Babson College in Massachusetts. He recently finished his end-of-the-semester junior year final exams and is out for the summer.

"Sometimes the work load works well, but sometimes it's difficult," Landy said. "Sebring was tricky because I had to take the whole week of school off, but luckily, most of my races are in the summer and on the weekends."

In 2015, Landy was racing in Europe and as you can imagine - that was much harder for him to manage.

"I was going across the Atlantic so I had to deal with the jet lag, but for the most part, the professors are pretty good about working with me and my race schedule."

Landy is getting his degree in business administration at Babson's business school.

"I feel like there are a lot of lessons from racing to apply to some of the things I do at Babson and on the other end of that, I can take things I've learned from my business classes and apply them to things I do at the racetrack," Landy said. "Racing is a very entrepreneurial sport, and although it's a sport, it's also a business."

"The dance you have to do while being in school and a race car driver is something I have gotten used to."

Landy placed second in the championship during his 2016 stint in the Gold Cup class. He won nine of 16 races - more than any other driver - that year.

"I feel like I have a little bit of unfinished business from last season - I want to win," Landy said. "But this year, it's about stepping up and competing at a higher level. There's more competitive drivers in the Platinum Cup class and I'm testing myself at this new level while experiencing a new car."

"We have to do that extra little bit to get on the podium. Obviously, winning the championship would be the main goal, but I'm taking it step-by-step."