Sebring International Raceway

Track Information

113 Midway Drive
Sebring, FL 33870
United States
Track Length: 
3.74 miles
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About Sebring International Raceway

An Enduring Legend

  • Sebring International Raceway is America’s oldest road racing track, with over six decades of storied history.
  • The legendary circuit evolved from Hendricks Field, a World War II airbase used to train B-17 combat crews.
  • On December 31, 1950, aviation and racing enthusiast Alec Ulmann promoted a six-hour race using the runways of the old airbase.
  • Sebring burst onto the sports car racing scene and into the history books in March 1952 with a 12-hour endurance race that is now second only to Le Mans in international prestige.
  • Each year on the third Saturday of March, 3.74 miles of concrete and asphalt challenge the giants of sports car racing to one of the world’s most grueling endurance tests.

A Heroic Field

  • Former winners read like a Who’s Who of motor racing: Mario Andretti, Stirling Moss, Dan Gurney, Phil Hill, Al Holbert, A.J. Foyt, Bobby Rahal and Tom Kristensen.
  • Sebring is also famous for celebrity participation. Steve McQueen nearly won the race in 1970, while James Brolin, Paul Newman, Gene Hackman and even journalist Walter Cronkite have competed in the race.
  • Sebring winners include major manufacturers such as Porsche, Ferrari, Nissan, Jaguar, Audi, BMW, Ford, Chevrolet and Toyota.
  • For six decades, Sebring has been a staple of the international sports press, from the cover of Sports Illustrated to ESPN to The Wall Street Journal.

Let's Go To The Hairpin

Sebring’s best turn to watch passing and spins! Check out cars decelerating to their slowest speed on the circuit before speeding up to Fangio Chicane. At night, you will hear the brakes and see the glowing cars flying by.

Let's Go Party In Green Park

It’s time to party at Sebring’s biggest race of the year! This legendary camping area, often called “The Woodstock of Auto Racing”, is the place to be if you want to have fun. Come party the day and night out with your friends and be a part of this unique experience at Sebring!  

Let's Go To The IMSA Info Center

Have questions about the track or the series? Do you like free giveaways? This is the place to go. Located along the Midway and in the Paddock Vending Area, this is your opportunity to know more about all the weekend events, history of sports car, drivers and crew members!

Le'ts Go Explore The Fan Grid Walk

This is your opportunity to walk among cars and drivers at the grid, before the race starts. Bring your camera and have fun walking the pit lane where all the action takes place.

Let's Go Celebrate In The Winners Circle

Want to see the Winner’s car from close? Celebrate the winning driver at Victory Lane and be part of this prestigious experience. This is where you can cheer for the victorious team and take closer photos of your favorite driver.